The Watchers Chronicle

TheBookofCreation200THE BOOK OF CREATION
The Watchers Chronicle Book I

“Don’t you understand? Everything we know about the ancient world is on the verge of staggering change.”

In the wake of a discovery that rocks the archaeological world, three strangers meet for the first time in the mountains of central Switzerland. Under a cloak of secrecy, they’ve been gathered together by a ruthless billionaire whose goal is to harness unspeakable power by unearthing an artifact more ancient than civilization itself.

Their mission soon finds them on the chase of a lifetime. From the Great Pyramids of Egypt through the wilds of Antarctica, they circle the globe on the heels of a mystery thousands of years in the making, pursued by forces intent on their destruction, proving once and for all that there are some mysteries in this world too dangerous to be solved…

For in the dark waits a terrifying menace.

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The Watchers Chronicle Book II

“Once something is in your memory, it is possible to access it. It takes discipline and reflection. It takes patience.”

More than a year has passed since the explosive events on Tubuai, and Sherwood Brighton’s world has changed forever. Haunted by recent discoveries and the absence of key allies, Brighton is on the run, struggling to evade the long reach of Raff Lagati, an eccentric billionaire desperate to capture the powerful secrets in the elusive Book of Creation.

Half a world away, a long-forgotten terror is rising in the highlands of South America. When two members of an archaeological expedition vanish without explanation, archaeologist Dario Katsulas takes on a mission to find and bring them back alive. While fighting for his life against ever-mounting odds, he discovers just how much a single act of bravery can cost…

For the history of mankind may turn on the fate of a single individual.

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The Watchers Chronicle Book III

“You followed your heart, and look where it brought you. Makes you wonder if there was something wrong with your heart, doesn’t it?”

After six thousand years of captivity, the Grigori are free. With time running out, Ira Binyamin leaps into action, amassing a network of allies to wage all-out war against this new yet ancient threat. But as his mentor Aaron warned him long ago, to wage this war he must bear an awesome responsibility, one that will exact a crushing toll on his body, his conscience, and his very soul.

Dispatched by his new masters on a mission to the northernmost reaches of the world, Sherwood Brighton must come to grips with the consequences of his life-altering decision in Shamballa. To find what he’s searching for, he’ll have to look deep inside himself and confront the harrowing terror shrouded in the recesses of his own mind.

Opposing forces swirl towards their ultimate confrontation as Ira, Brighton, and those they hold most dear return to the place where it all began…

Where the worth of all humanity will be settled once and for all.

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Book II Reviews

Another globetrotting thrill ride – highly recommended!
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent
By Tom Hobbes on November 26, 2013

Top-notch sophomore effort from Braun and Byars. The first book, The Book of Creation, was an engrossing cross between an Indiana Jones adventure and a Da Vinci Code mystery. Book two picks up that style right off the bat, dashing ahead at an even faster pace and taking the reader on another globetrotting thrill ride.

The Brighton character takes centre stage, and he proves a much more compelling character this time around, growing in complexity along with the mystery at the heart of this series. The new major character, Dario, is Brighton’s equal in terms of engaging the reader. I often feel an imbalance between storylines in novels that switch between character POVs – inevitably, one storyline hooks me much more than another, but in this case the authors have struck a great balance, keeping those pages turning.

Highly recommended.

Another Mind Blowing Journey
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent.
By Thomas Myers on November 26, 2013I absolutely loved the first book in the series, The Book of Creation, and I can say I absolutely love the sequel just as much. The City of Darkness picks up perfectly and keeps you just as intrigued, constantly hungering for more. And as in the first book, I could not stop reading it once I started. Every chapter just draws you in as though you are part of the team in this mind blowing journey. The storyline continues to be masterfully woven creating another part of the puzzle which will turn out to be a great masterpiece as these chronicles continue. Just like after reading the first one I am already anxiously waiting for the next in the series.

Did Not Disappoint!
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent.
By bolenjane on November 26, 2013

I loved the first book in The Watchers Chronicle series and could hardly wait for The City of Darkness to be released. It did not disappoint! Just as with the first book, I found myself getting involved with the characters and at times holding my breath waiting to find out what would happen to them. Adventure galore! I love the weaving of history, spirituality, folk lore and science. I could identify with the characters and had a real interest in their outcome. The only negative is that I now have to wait for the third book to be released so I can continue with the adventure!

Book I Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent.
I highly enjoyed this fresh, thought provoking take on ancient mysteries! The Book of Creation takes you on a heart pounding adventure around the world inviting your imagination to delve further into mighty wonders that should not just be accepted. Very well written – I cannot wait for the sequel!

5.0 out of 5 stars A new look at ancient history.
An amazing adventure that spans continents and millenia. In this day, when ancient alien theories abound, it is good to hear a fresh perspective on our ancient past, especially when woven into a truly well developed story. I can not wait for the next book!

5.0 out of 5 stars The Da Vinci Code meets Indiana Jones
The Book of Creation is a cracking good adventure story. The premise is fascinating, and as the mysteries unfold, it only becomes more intriguing. I would love to see this movie someday, and I’m looking forward to Book II. I love that the plot is so carefully wrought, and built upon layer after layer of mythology and history, all intertwined so you can’t separate them. Your only choice is to dive into the adventure.

5.0 out of 5 stars Could not put it down. Simply engrossing
This is the first fiction book I have read in years. I am very happy to have added this to my collection as it has sparked a new fire in me. I simply could not put it down and had to read it straight through. Very well written and I could imagine being there on the whole journey, feeling like I myself have just been around the world as well. I definitely can’t wait till the next one comes out.

4.0 out of 5 stars Adventure, Mystery and Action!
Take the Da Vinci code and mix it with equal parts Indiana Jones and The Celestine Prophecy and you’ll get The Book of Creation (The Watchers Chronicle Book I).

I’m a sucker for books that start firmly rooted in history and then use all the holes in our knowledge to weave together cool tale. That’s what this book does. I love the sense of wonder of discovery when Emery Wortlich the archeologist, Sherwood Brighton the math genius and Ira Benyamin the Rabbi work together to piece together an ancient (and I mean ancient!) mystery. Of course, they don’t all have the same motivations and that leads to some interesting problems.

I have to say that of all the characters in the book, the one who intrigues me most is the mysterious French billionaire, Raff Lagati.

A very enjoyable read, and it works as a stand alone novel. That said, there are some big questions left unanswered, so I’m looking forward to book II!

“His novel has rounded characters. His sentences have careful cadence and thoughtful diction. Most of all: his chapters have girth. There are no 250-word cheap, built-for-the-bus chapters here. This is a book one stays at home with because it is legitimately engaging and meaty.”

Winnipeg Free Press

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