Were There Giants in China?

In my travels, I recently made a stop in Peking to investigate some reports I’ve been hearing of archaeological finds and fascinating legends. In some cases, very old legends.

It turns out that China contains some of the oldest skeletal remains of giants. You may balk at the suggestion that giants were real, but remains have been discovered on just about every continent—including Antarctica, of which I have firsthand experience. Several of the Chinese archaeologists I met insisted that men as tall as fifteen feet once walked among their ancestors. Elsewhere, the estimates are even higher, as high as thirty feet.

Hard to believe? Yes. The problem is that so many of the pictures found online look like they’ve been photoshopped. Fortunately, I can spot the difference between the fakes and the real deal, and some of them are definitely real.

Melchior Nuñez Barreto, one of the first Jesuit missionaries to venture into China, traveled as far as Canton Province in 1555. Later, while he was in India, he wrote letters with descriptions of giants in China of tremendous size. Specifically, the guardians of the gate of Peking were giants. Apparently the Chinese emperor also once entertained some five hundred giants who were to serve as archers in his personal guard.

Similar reports were published by George Hakeman, a British clergyman, and by Samuel Purchas, a cleric from Essex, who in 1625 described the appearance of a Chinese warrior giant. It should be acknowledged, however, that these last two writers might have simply been repeating second-hand information.

Some families in that area are still unusually tall. I met a man (he asked that his name be withheld) who claimed to be descended from Chang Woo Gow, a man more than eight feet tall who became famous in the 1800s for visiting England and making a positive impression on the royal family. The man I met was seven feet tall, so it’s possible that the maximum height of the family line continues to diminish over time.

Concerning Giants and Pyramids

Please excuse my long silence. The last few months have been… adventurous. That adventure is ongoing, actually. My goal is to share with you as much as I can without jeopardizing my own personal safety—or those close to me.

First of all, I want to talk about pyramids. They’re all over the planet, not just in Egypt. China, Bosnia, Russia, Mexico, the United States… they’re everywhere. It’s unclear whether there’s any relation between the cultures who built them, but given what I’ve seen with my own eyes in the last few months, I think it’s a strong possibility.

Without a doubt, though, the mythologies of the people who live in the regions where pyramids exist are remarkably consistent. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. These cultures all have oral histories—and some written—about giants and ancient kings in the distant past—kings of immense power and influence. Were they larger than life, or were they just plain large? Some accounts even grant them strange technologies which mirror the kind of technological advances only discovered fairly recent. Were some of these cultures more sophisticated than we give them credit for today? It may be so—and that’s a subject I want to write more about in the coming months.

By the way, for those of you who have been bugging Rachel for more information about my whereabouts, you can stop. She doesn’t have any idea, and for her own protection I hope she never does.

Out of Town for a Few Days

This is going to be a quick one.

So, I called the number. Of course I did. If you know me at all, you know that I’m way too curious to let a mystery like that stew for too long.

What I found out during that phone call blew my mind, and I wish that I could write more about it, but it turns out that the information is really sensitive. I know that I said I’d pass on new information when I had it, but I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Suffice it to say that this is big. Bigger than anything I’ve ever worked on before.

Sorry to be so mysterious, but I now have to go out of town for a few days. If you need to get in touch with me, my phone will be off, but you can send email or leave a message with Rachel. I shouldn’t be gone long.

Hopefully I can share some actual details when I get back. Be safe!

To Call or Not to Call

Sorry for the delay. I meant to post again last night, but by the time I got home I was too tired to do anything. Rachel made dinner and then… well, we stayed in. Maybe it’s a good thing I decided to wait on this post, though, because it’s given me more time to think about what’s happened.

Okay, so I told you about the weird giant bone picture. I’ve gotten a couple of emails from people who want to see it, and I wish I could just post it here, but I made a promise to my friend not to. Anyway, if someone from the Smithsonian found out that I made it public, I’d probably get fired. Sorry!

But like I said, that wasn’t the weirdest thing that happened yesterday. After I left the Smithsonian, I went to lunch with Rachel… late, as always. She is much more forgiving than I deserve sometimes. Okay, all the time.

While we were eating, we realized that a man was literally staring at us from across the street. Before we knew what to do, he crossed over and started talking to me. I don’t mind saying that he gave me the creeps. He had the most intense eyes I’ve ever seen, and he was constantly making eye contact with me. Who does that? Stalkers, that’s who.

At first I thought he might be trying to recruit me, since there’s a company called Creation Tech that’s apparently been asking around town about me. But he didn’t give me the chance to ask any questions. He just told me his name and slipped me a business card with a phone number on it. No company name, no address, no hint at what he wants. Just the phone number.

I feel like I’ve just walked into a movie or something. I mean, this sort of thing doesn’t happen in real life, does it? Not my life, that’s for damn sure.

So… I think I’m going to call the number. Rachel doesn’t think it’s a good idea, but I’m not so sure. Is it a coincidence that I saw the giant picture and then got approached by that guy all on the same day?

I’ll write again when I find out more.

That Strange Feeling…

So, you know that strange feeling I mentioned yesterday? Turns out I must have been on to something, because the weirdest thing happened today when I went in to my make my presentation.

First of all, the presentation didn’t exactly go well. So much for that promotion I was hoping for! On the positive side, I ran into Professor Kannasaki, which was a nice surprise. I hadn’t seen him since graduation three years ago. I had no idea he was doing contract work for the Smithsonian. Anyway, long story short, I made a complete ass of myself. It may be a while before I’m invited back up to the fourth floor, though.

But that’s not the strange thing I was talking about. As I was running off for lunch (apologies again, Rachel, I didn’t mean to be late!), a friend pulled me aside and showed me something that some of the photo analysts have been puzzling over lately. It’s a picture of a man standing beside a giant femur bone. If the bone in the picture is real, then it would have belonged to a man over thirty feet tall.

I know. Hard to believe, right? At first, my friend thought it was a dinosaur bone, but honestly, that’s no less ridiculous than it belonging to a thirty-foot man. No dinosaur had a femur bone like that—at least, none that we know.

Of course, it has to be a fake. Everyone in my department seems pretty confident that it must be, but the more I study it, the more convinced I am that it’s not.

I’m not really sure what to make of all this.

And that’s not even the strangest thing that happened to me today.

I’ll write more about that later.

(Sorry to keep you in suspense.)

Back from New Mexico

I just got back from a dig in New Mexico today. If it seems like I’ve been quiet lately, it’s because I’ve been on assignment, and my internet access at the site was hit-and-miss. (Apologies to Rachel, I’ll take you to lunch first thing when I’m in the city tomorrow. Remember that little café on Fourteenth Street?)

I’ve promised myself to start posting more regularly over the coming months. Lately I haven’t been able to shake the feeling that my life is on the verge of a big change. I can’t quite put my finger on it, not exactly. Sometimes I think I’m going crazy.

Anyway, I don’t think I’m going to be at the Smithsonian much longer, but we’ll see. I have a big presentation tomorrow with the director. Maybe that’s the source of my recent unsettledness. Who knows, maybe Dr. Holloway is going to give me a promotion.

More to come soon!