Ira Binyamin

Ira Binyamin is the rabbi of one of the largest synagogues in New York State. However, there is much more to this sixty-five-year-old Jewish man than meets the eye, for he carries the burden of a profound secret. When he is approached to authenticate and study a rare—not to mention dangerous—artifact uncovered by one of the world’s most powerful men, he is compelled to take drastic action to protect his secret. And with it, possibly the world as we know it.


Emery Worlitch

Emery Wörtlich is an archaeologist on the verge of retirement, but it’s a forced retirement of sorts. Driven from his position at the Cairo Archaeological Institute for airing his sometimes eccentric views of Egyptian history, he now resides in Zurich, delivering university lectures in poorly-attended classrooms. But given the chance to prove himself once and for all, Wörtlich returns to the field to finally show the world, and his peers, that he was right all along.


Sherwood Brighton

Sherwood Brighton is the youngest of the group. Not yet out of his twenties, and barely graduated from Caltech, he works as a computer analyst for the Smithsonian, specializing in creating digital models of archaeological digs. He’s also a math prodigy. Recruited for a top-secret mission that threatens to whisk him from one corner of the globe to the other, however, his life is quickly turned upside-down in ways he never could have predicted.