That Strange Feeling…

So, you know that strange feeling I mentioned yesterday? Turns out I must have been on to something, because the weirdest thing happened today when I went in to my make my presentation.

First of all, the presentation didn’t exactly go well. So much for that promotion I was hoping for! On the positive side, I ran into Professor Kannasaki, which was a nice surprise. I hadn’t seen him since graduation three years ago. I had no idea he was doing contract work for the Smithsonian. Anyway, long story short, I made a complete ass of myself. It may be a while before I’m invited back up to the fourth floor, though.

But that’s not the strange thing I was talking about. As I was running off for lunch (apologies again, Rachel, I didn’t mean to be late!), a friend pulled me aside and showed me something that some of the photo analysts have been puzzling over lately. It’s a picture of a man standing beside a giant femur bone. If the bone in the picture is real, then it would have belonged to a man over thirty feet tall.

I know. Hard to believe, right? At first, my friend thought it was a dinosaur bone, but honestly, that’s no less ridiculous than it belonging to a thirty-foot man. No dinosaur had a femur bone like that—at least, none that we know.

Of course, it has to be a fake. Everyone in my department seems pretty confident that it must be, but the more I study it, the more convinced I am that it’s not.

I’m not really sure what to make of all this.

And that’s not even the strangest thing that happened to me today.

I’ll write more about that later.

(Sorry to keep you in suspense.)

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